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Description of the Job


Coordinator of Customer Service and Logistical Operations


Drummondville, Quebec is the location.


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The salary for the full-time position Non-Exempt


Compensation In addition to competitive pay, this role provides a comprehensive benefits package, including retirement savings, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.


Pre-employment Requirement The completion of the reference check with no issues

Regarding ADM

At ADM, we harness the potential of nature to expand people’s access to nutritious food on a global scale. We give our customers an advantage in resolving the nutritional challenges of both today and the future by introducing innovations that lead the industry to new heights, offering a comprehensive portfolio of ingredients and solutions that can accommodate any taste, and making a commitment to sustainability. We are the world’s leading agricultural origination and processing company in addition to being a global leader in the nutrition of both humans and animals. Because of our breadth, depth, insights, facilities, and logistical knowledge, we have unrivalled ability to satisfy a variety of needs, including those pertaining to food and drinks, health and wellness, and more. We improve people’s lives all across the world, from the moment an idea first occurs to us until the moment it is implemented as a solution. Visit for further information.

The Occupation

Within the Animal Nutrition Business Unit, a position for a Customer Support Representative has become available. We need a colleague who can support our day-to-day business operations in a variety of ways, so we’re seeking for one. You will be responsible for the management and processing of all customer purchase orders that have been assigned to you, beginning with order input and continuing through preparing logistics in a timely and precise manner and finally billing the customers. You will serve as our customers’ initial point of contact with our company. In addition to this, you will provide support for the Sales Manager by assisting in the management of the client portfolio.

(Continuation) Job Description

  • Inherent Obligations and Accountability
  • Ensure the data input of orders and the generating of invoices into our ERP system is both accurate and completed on time.
  • To engage in conversation and proactivity with our customers regarding the arranging of transportation, all the while meeting their demands and maintaining our high standards of service
  • Documents for export and logistic documentation should be provided to the client.
  • Maintain a record of pending files and the current status of orders, and inform customers of any changes to any of these.
  • Establish important client ties in order to increase the level of happiness experienced by customers;
  • contact and involvement on a proactive basis with all departments as well as other parties. Whenever there is a need, escalate to the management.
  • Managing expenditures related to distribution and shipping
  • Throughout the entirety of the order process, visualise, assist, optimise, and coordinate its many stages.
  • Maintain a record of the product’s quality, quantity, stock, shipping expenses, delivery schedule, and productivity.
  • Assist customers with both domestic and international shipping arrangements.
  • Import and export procedures for a wide variety of international commercial endeavours were given careful coordination.
  • Competencies and prerequisites are required.
  • It is required that you be able to speak and write both English and French fluently.
  • familiarity with managing customer relationships in a worldwide business-to-business market. A plus for those working in the food and feed business A background in the drafting of export paperwork as well as the processing of orders and invoicing
  • Preferred are individuals with solid incoterms knowledge and comprehension
  • Excellent knowledge of computers (MS Office) and previous experience working with an ERP system
  • Accurate work; proactivity and attention to detail are required;
  • If you want successful outcomes, you need to be able to work well with others and have the skills to listen, comprehend, and communicate clearly.
  • Strong organizational abilities, together with proactivity and a focus on providing service to others
  • High professional standards and the ability to perform effectively under time constraints;
  • Exhibit an approach that is both professional and customer-focused while also displaying enthusiasm.
  • Education or Previous Professional Experience
  • Experience in customer service or logistics for a minimum of three years at a minimum.
  • familiarity with managing customer relationships in a worldwide business-to-business market. A plus for those working in the food and feed business
  • Wellness and Risk Management
  • Perform your duties in conformity with the laws of the municipality and the province.
  • possesses an awareness of, and responsibility for, ensuring that all safety and other EHS regulations are met.

If you are someone who thrives on the excitement and variety that this dynamic career brings, then ADM will support and promote your professional development and success. We are an employer that provides equal opportunities and places high importance on having a diverse workforce. Please let us know in advance if you will need any sort of accommodation during the recruiting process, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs in a reasonable manner.

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